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Dear and esteemed young musicians, as well as all other supporters of music and our profession, which includes competitions and the associated numerical evaluations in a mathematically immeasurable activity – in art...


To reach this competition, you have traveled an exceptionally long path on which, in addition to talent, you needed curiosity, perseverance, love, support from behind the scenes, knowledge, confidence, and courage. (And on Friday, an umbrella.) With all of this, the result cannot be unsatisfactory, as it is not represented by points, but by the very qualities mentioned earlier, which have been strengthened in you through this new experience.

Therefore, we sincerely congratulate each and every one of you, not just with a phrase, but with a deep understanding of all the steps you have taken to get to where you are now, and with gratitude that you have entrusted us with one of the final steps in this sequence.

We have done our best to make you feel welcome in Piran, so that you take away not just points and placement on a current ranking, which assesses you based on a few minutes of the judges' view.

There is always space for improvement, both for us and for you, and that is as it should be. This is also the purpose of such events, as this space creates a wind of motivation and blows into the sails of our enthusiasm.

For lasting memories, photos from the event can be viewed on our website in the "GALLERY" tab. We also invite you to check out the SPECIAL AWARDS section, which this year has been enriched with a fund containing 2200 euros in cash prizes and over 2000 euros in other prizes.

Sincere congratulations to the recipients of all these special awards and highest honors, as well as to your mentors and other supporters. We look forward to seeing you in May 2026.

With respect,
Aleksandra Češnjevar Glavina,
Artistic Director of the Tartini Piran Competition
(on behalf of the TTP 2024 organizing committee)

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About the competition

The International Tartini Competition was established with the aim of bringing greater recognition to the violin virtuoso and composer Giuseppe Tartini and his native town of Piran. In his honour, Tartini's compositions are part of the violinists' compulsory repertoire.

The compositions of Bojan Glavina, a local composer and pianist, are a compulsory part of the piano discipline. In fact, a large part of his compositional output is dedicated to this instrument. Bojan Glavina will personally listen to all participating pianists and personally award the best performances of his works at the competition.

The organisation of the competition is greatly supported by the Municipality of Piran and the Autonomous Community of Italian Nationality in Piran, who are making their premises, which are among the most beautiful halls on the Slovenian coast, available for the competition.

The International Tartini Competition also has a charitable mission. On this occasion, funds are raised for young talented musicians to buy new instruments or to cover fees for master classes and summer schools. The Rotary Club of Portorož is a committed partner responsible for the charitable aspect of the competition and financial support.

The fourth international Tartini competition of the city of Piran 2024

for young violinists and pianists is organized

by the Music school Koper and Rotary club Portorož.

  Rotary Portorož


The friendliest music competition in Europe

in the beautiful city of Piran.


Project holderS
Punkt Koper Music School, Gallusova 2, 6000 Koper, Slovenia
Punkt Rotary Club PortoroZ, Obala 43, 6320 PortoroZ, SLOVENIA

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