Tartini Competition

Special prizes 2024

Special prizes may be given for the following categories:
  400 € for the best violin solo player in all categories
  400 € for the best piano solo player in all categories
  400 € for the  best string chamber group (with/ without piano)
  200 € for the best performance of compulsory piece
  200 € for the original own composition
  200 €  for the most promising young solo player
  other prizes may also be awarded at the discretion of the judges:


Camerata strumentale italiana awards:
Concert with the Camerata Strumentale Italiana orchestra

   Auditorium Portorož awards:
Concert at "Piran Music Evenings" in 2025.

Auditorium Portorož: https://www.avditorij.si/


  The cultural association ARS MAGNA awards:
2 x registration fee for the KREATIVKLAVIR summer piano school in Koper (Slovenia)
in the value of 2 x 290 € (1 x for July 2024 and and 1x for summer 2025 or by agreement, food and accommodation for an additional fee) - at the choice of the lecturers Professors Valentina Česnjevar and Aleksandra Česnjevar Glavina.

Kreativklavir Registration: https://valentinacesnjevar.com/kreativ_prijava.php


  The Association of Friends of Music Koper awards:
3x registration fee for violinists for the GODALKO summer school in Izola (Slovenia) in the value of 450 € (3 x 150 €), food and accommodation with additional payment, for August 2024 - at the choice of the lecturer Professor Sonja Horvat.

Godalko: https://www.dpgkoper.com/poletna_sola_godalko.php


  The Summer Music Academy in Izola awards:
registration fee of 290 € for active participation in July 2025, with the lecturer, Professor Selma Chicco Hajdin.

Summer Music Academy in Izola: https://www.selmachiccohajdin.com/akademija/


  The Society of Friends of Music Koper awards:
2 x REGISTRATION FEES in the value of 2 x 110 € for the Little Philharmonic Summer Camp in Debele rtič (Slovenia), lecturer Žiga Cerar, prof. for the summer of 2024 to two selected violinists in the 1st and 2nd categories (food and accommodation for an additional fee).

Mali Philharmonic - summer camp: https://www.malifilharmonik.com/


  The cultural association ARS MAGNA awards:
a selected collection of music by the composer B. Glavina for each participant who receives a special prize for the performance of a compulsory composition by Bojan Glavina.

Cultural association ARS MAGNA: https://www.kdarsmagna.com/



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